Monday, September 15, 2008

Congrats Aaron & Fitha!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Dahana-Ellis!

The MeanGirls were all together to show their support & love to the newlyweds

Ty made his debut as the Wedding Broccoli Singer!

It was an elegant, intimate evening with great food, music and of course, lots of happiness and best wishes for the couple!

(These are Tyler's pics so that's why we all appear to be sooooo tall and why we're crouching down!)

Congratulations from the MeanGirls!
And welcome to the family, Aaron!
There's no turning back now!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


The MGs sent Indobia off towards holy matrimony with one last fling.
The theme was obvious...


Indobia was given a warm welcome by It as soon as she walks in.

She was decked out in condom veil, penis shot glass pearl necklace, penis-shaped candy necklace and penis straw.

The girls got into the spirit!
The highlight of the evening was a Passion Party...

where the MGs sampled some products, such as scents...

Nipple Nibblers...

Lickable lotions...


For everyone to enjoy! Hope everyone loved their purchases!

Fun playing cards were given out!

The real highlight was the game of Penis and Punani!

MG AlphaDog got set to be the punani

Who could get it into the punani blindfolded? It was MG Dani vs. SwissMiss!

MG Dani took "top" prize, since he obviously knows how to do it in the dark the best!

The girls took turns in sharing their relationship advice to Fitha...

MG QueenBitch made sure to include her favorite word!

Married MGs SwissMiss and MeanGirlJ gave some good advice.

But perhaps the best came from MG Dani...

Remember the Three T's: Tongue the tip! NICE!

Congratulations to the Bride-to-be... from your MGs!

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