Monday, June 30, 2008

"Let's go, a holo holo holo holo ahhh!" To Hana!

I love that Superferry song! And I love the Superferry (now our preferred way of interisland traveling). Chris I just came back from a wonderful and relaxing weekend in Hana, Maui. We drove our car packed with camping gear and food and drink onto the Hawaii Superferry,

enjoyed a smooth ride and amazing views of the islands as we cruised by

and then drove the curvy and enchanting Hana Highway
to our Kipahulu campsite in the Haleakala National Park.
The park was relaxing and peaceful with no cell phone coverage (meaning no blackberry use by Chris!), ocean views, thousands of stars at night, clear and cool weather! We hiked the most beautiful hike we have ever done. We veered off the trail (with small protesting from me who is not as adventurous, abides by the warning signs and likes to stay on the trail) and cooled off in a beautiful pool. The trail took us through a dense bamboo forest

up to a huge waterfall!
It was the best way we could have celebrated three of the best years of our lives, and can't wait to do it again soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

And not in the good way

Hello beautiful ladies. I suck (and not in the good way) when it comes to posting. I will be much better about checking the blog and posting!!!! I love you all very much and cannot wait to see you soooooon!

Crack'd Again!

The crack addicts struck again...

This time recruiting Darcy too!

This is the second time in 2 weeks the addicts got their fix!

Someone send help!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If I Was Sold At Ikea...

I love Ikea! Maybe it's because we don't have one in Hawaii and they don't ship here so all I have to look at is the website or catalog to imagine my home filled with cheap but stylish Swedish furniture that would magically make my house beautiful and clutter-free.

But now, you too can be sold at your imaginary Ikea store with this handy dandy cool web site! I entered my name and voila! I'm a "Snareenby," a dresser with three drawers. I can be easily assembled and I'm perfect for the bedroom (wink, wink)!

What's your Swedish Furniture alias?

Friday, June 20, 2008

She's a pineapple girl in a high-fashion world ...

Sorry - borrowing my favorite line from the 1983 hit song, Coconut Girl. But I was a Pineapple Girl today! Plus the t-shirts we had to wear I don't think would work well in a high-fashion world!

My coworker, Erica, and I were volunteered by our company to help our client Maui Pineapple Company give out free tastes of the best pineapple in Hawaii at Don Quijote. We did such an awesome job the store sold out of Maui Gold pineapples - even the pineapples on our table that were for show (that's why our table looks pathetic in this photo)! Just to let you know, Maui Gold pineapple is less acidic and tastes sweeter than the other pineapples.

So I guess I should change my title to, "She's a pineapple girl in a less-acidic world, uuh!"

Friday, June 13, 2008

My "Crack" Addiction

I'm hooked girls! Hooked on milk tea bubble drink from Shirokiya, that is! Before I moved to Hawaii, I always got milk tea bubble drink whenever I was in Chinatown. It took me a real long time, but I finally found one that is comparable to the ones back home, and now I'm addicted to it. So addicted, that sometimes I even drive specifically there just to get it. It's not cheap either, $4.50 for a drink, but it's so worth it. If I keep doing this, I'm going to end up funding the owner's kids' college tuitions. She knows that I'm one of her most frequent customers too, as she pointed out to BuzzBunny at lunch today. Hmmm, I wonder if she secretly puts "crack" in there to make me go back. Thankfully Dean doesn't know how often I go or he may put a stop to it.

P.S. I've even gotten BuzzBunny addicted. She got one Monday night without me!

You ladies have to all try it next time you are at Ala Moana.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What If...

So Starr's escapade with her mistaken identity has caused me to think (which we all know is scary!) -- what would the MGs look like if we had put in the time, effort, money and narcissism to get glammed up for the SATC premiere? I think it might look like this:
My apologies to MGs Jen and Dani for not including them. It was basically because your heads could not be easily altered to fit on these bodies. And I didn't include me because I just didn't want to. Ha! And only in this dream can MG Lee be taller than almost everyone else!

Who do you think looks best in this alternate, PhotoShopped world?

Since We are Sharing Unfortunate Tragedies ...

I'm happy to see that Buzzbunny survived - thank goodness for feline friends!

But that reminded me of something terrible that happened to me when I did PR for the 50th State Fair. Click here to see,

Needless to say, I won't be going to the fair this year!! Ha!

My Unfortunate Tragedy -- News Clip to Prove It

I had a close call last night, something so tragic that it made the evening news.

Click here to watch the clip!

During all the commotion, I managed to put out a media advisory and provide a fabulous picture of myself! A PR person's work is never done, even in the midst of a personal crisis! Fortunately, I'm feeling better and am back to work!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Will the Real Starr Please Stand Up?

So a columnist thought our Starr was someone else (see her entry below). Starr claims that's not her. But I don't know what she's talking about. I swear that's her in the glittery pink dress with matching boa!

Va Va Va Voom!!!

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Today I got an email from a local columnist that I have never met, but have pitched to a couple of times a while back. Here's what the email says, "Aloha Starr, Here’s a copy of today’s “On the Scene” column. And so you saw that I wasn’t the only person who thought the dress was hot. Hope to see you again soon."

I was a little taken aback, because I had no idea what he was talking about. I haven't worn a dress since April, and I know that I didn't see him when I was wearing it, and don't recall anybody telling me that it was hot except for my husband!

Curious, I open the link that was in the email and see the photo attached here. The girl in the hot pink dress all the way to the left in the picture is also named Starr and she won "best dressed" at a function before the Sex and The City opening night movie! I laughed pretty hard since it is obviously not me and is not a dress that I would wear, plus I have no pink in my closet except for a night gown that reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake (no offence to this Starr - we just have different styles)!

Anyway, I emailed the columnist back and said he had the wrong Starr - I'm not as stylish and that I'm a Banana Republic girl through and through! He then made me feel better by replying that where I shop is stylish. Where are the cameras when I need them?!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lovely Hula Hands!

Congrats to Miss Moani for a wonderful, beautiful hula performance tonight. As part of Halau I Ka Wekiu, Moani danced several numbers and gave an introduction that showed off her oratory skills!

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