Thursday, June 12, 2008

What If...

So Starr's escapade with her mistaken identity has caused me to think (which we all know is scary!) -- what would the MGs look like if we had put in the time, effort, money and narcissism to get glammed up for the SATC premiere? I think it might look like this:
My apologies to MGs Jen and Dani for not including them. It was basically because your heads could not be easily altered to fit on these bodies. And I didn't include me because I just didn't want to. Ha! And only in this dream can MG Lee be taller than almost everyone else!

Who do you think looks best in this alternate, PhotoShopped world?


AlphaDog said...

Lee looks the best! I think Lee should rock that look all the time!!

YankeeGal said...

I love how I look in here. What are you talking about alphadog? Don't I always look so glam whenever you see me? ;) Thanks for making me so tall!

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