Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If I Was Sold At Ikea...

I love Ikea! Maybe it's because we don't have one in Hawaii and they don't ship here so all I have to look at is the website or catalog to imagine my home filled with cheap but stylish Swedish furniture that would magically make my house beautiful and clutter-free.

But now, you too can be sold at your imaginary Ikea store with this handy dandy cool web site! I entered my name and voila! I'm a "Snareenby," a dresser with three drawers. I can be easily assembled and I'm perfect for the bedroom (wink, wink)!

What's your Swedish Furniture alias?


AlphaDog said...

My Sweedish Furniture Alias is "STJARR" and I am a bed that is also easy to assemble, made for the bedroom, and cheap, yet comfortable!

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