Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MGs Raise $1,460 for Babies!

Mean Girls united this past weekend for the March for Babies walk, a 5-mile stroll/jog/trek from Kapiolani Park to the entrance of Ala Moana Beach Park and back. We arrived early (7am!) and after registering and receiving our goody bags, we went over to Kapiolani Bandstand where we received the rude awakening of seeing BC exercising in short shorts. =( After gagging, we headed off. Some of us (ok, just Fitha) ran but most walked. A few of us brought along our little ones, while the working girl (Melis) was represented by her hubby and adorable son. After what seemed like forever, we finished and collected a few handouts from the vendors. Love the chocolate pudding, yummo!

All in all, we raised $1,460 for March of Dimes! Thanks to all who supported us!


MeanGirlJ said...

Love the recap! We rock!!!!

Brent said...

Hey another Colts fan in the picture. cool.

fitha said...

I had a blast at this walk even though Aaron made me run for a bit... I really think the next time we take pics of the back of the shirt... our asses should probably NOT be included.

(Colts fan in the pic)

AlphaDog said...

Thanks again girls for participating! I am so very proud of all of us!

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