Saturday, December 20, 2008

Striking Out at Xmas!

The Mean Girls (well, at least the female ones)
went bowling to celebrate Christmas together!

We were actually amused by the bright, neon,
80's-style bowling / clown shoes!

Some of us got the bowling position down!

Even the kids got into the action!

Thank goodness for the gutter guardrails!

Not everyone bowled...

And I'm sure these two did nothing but praise
those of us who did bowl with compliments like
"Her ass is much smaller than I thought"
or "I'm very impressed by the way she can grab a ball
and hurl it away"

Of course, being the non-competitive, supportive friends we are,
we didn't keep score.

And alas, we ended in a tie!
Yay, we broke 100!

Then, after that rough workout, we decided to do our secret Santa presents.
We each randomly chose a number 1-7.
You can pick a gift and unwrap it or steal something someone has.
If someone steals from you, you can either pick again
or steal from someone else.
But an item can only be stolen twice.
Those are the rules... but some tried to bend them a little.
Like I said, we're non-competitive... right...

Merry Christmas, Bitches!


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