Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reluctantly Donating Things

So I'm usually the type to reluctantly donate old clothes that no longer fit - this happens a lot. I've cleaned out the cupboards to donate to the Hawaii Food Bank, and have even regularly donated hair for Locks of Love (see recent photo - post hair chop). However, this is the first time I've donated blood. Stop reading now if you get grossed out by this topic.

I know some of my MGs here donate - that's what got me over the hump of the "fear factor." AlphaDog, the Hawaii Blood Bank gets my donation partly due to your influence.

I don't like needles and I hate the fact that nurses can never find my veins. I have gone years fearing this type of donation and very reluctantly signed up during the drive. I even considered skipping out on my appointment. Let's face it - I'm a big wuss. However, I have to say this was the best experience ever.

I got to cruise for an hour during lunch - they did ask a lot of personal questions but in a very non-judgemental way. Quite frankly that must be hard to do. I think I would get fired if I volunteered for that gig. I passed the iron test and then went on to donate. It really didn't hurt! It was actually easier than the blood tests at the Dr.'s office... and I got to lie down for about 20 minutes during my lunch break!

At the end I walked out with a free can of juice, rice krispy treat, and a no-guilt reason to eat a HUGE lunch. When you factor that in, it was really a win-win situation. I even signed up to do it again... reluctantly ;)


AlphaDog said...

Yes! The rice krispy treat does it for me too!

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