Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rolling with the VIPs

We were lucky enough to get into the fundraiser for Barak Obama on 8/12/08! It was such a fun and exciting night! It was awesome to see Mr. Obama and hear him speak in person. We got to quickly meet him and his wife and take a photo (I'm waiting for the photo since a professional photographer took it). But here is a photo of him during his speech.

There were also a few "stars" there - Owen Wilson (who when I saw him said, "Oh, there's what's-his-name!"), Woody Harelson (who I didn't actually see or maybe didn't recognize him) and Daniel Dae Kim from LOST (who I got to get a picture with after embarrassing myself earlier in the night by poking him in the shoulder because in my excitement wanted to touch him I guess!).


YankeeGal said...

OMG I'm sooo jealous that you got to take a photo with Jin!!!!

BuzzBunny said...

Woot, Jin is alive and lookin' smokin' hot next to the equally hot AlphaDog!

SwissMiss said...

Sorry I don't follow the show. I'm so lost.

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