Friday, May 9, 2008

Countdown to Sex and The City!

They say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change. Trends come and go. But friendships never go out of style. - Carrie Bradshaw

To celebrate our friendships as MG's, let's all go see the Sex and The City movie May 30! Just three weeks away! So far, only Regal has displayed their movie times - playing at Dole 1, 4 and 7 p.m. Yes, it is a Friday - so maybe we can all try and get out of work a little early and go to the 4? If not, can the MG mommies make it to the 7?
To wet your appetite,


BuzzBunny said...

I can definitely do the 7pm show. Not sure about 4pm since I have a big project for my client the following week that I just found out about (booo).

IndoBia said...

Ladies... I can't make up my mind who to go with. My Indonesian ladies or you guys! To top it off, Aaron wants to watch the movie too. I'll go twice but NOT three times. Who should I go with ;-)

SwissMiss said...

7 p.m. could work. Let me know if we're going :)

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