Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Look Mom, I'm Blogging!

So I've never posted a blog before. Maybe I'm scared of it, maybe I'm too lazy to figure out the functions, or maybe I'm "too busy". I really can't chalk it up to a single reason. I just haven't.

I'm finding that I'm slowly slipping into the "technologically-impaired" side of life. It's really quite sad. I think this mental block against technology started when my neighbor's kid called me a "grown-up." Shocking excuse, I know, but that's what I'm going to blame it on.

However, I do have a few redeeming points to be proud of. I did get an iPhone (by protest), I do take full advantage of my company laptop and work from home when needed, and yes in my spare time I do watch YouTube.

But, i don't listen to podcasts, I almost never download songs from iTunes (mostly because I'm broke and ever $1 counts!). And up until this second, I haven't "blogged."

I think I'm also reaching a mental barrier because I know the big "30" is coming. Mind you - it's not this year... or next, I'm just pre-obsessing because that's who I am.

When do we start calling ourselves a "grown-up?" Is it paying taxes and bills? Is it marriage? Is it children? When am I supposed to officially feel like an adult?

So here's the sad truth: In an effort to stem my pre-30 freak out, and my techno-phobia/mental barrier, I am blogging. I think this depressing behavior (blogging in attempts to escape adulthood) officially makes me an adult.


BuzzBunny said...

Welcome to blogging! Now, let's get you drunk and see what you'll blog next!

AlphaDog said...

Well, speaking as someone who is over 30, I think you start to feel like an adult, or maybe just "old," when you start to look and act like your mom (no offense to my mom)! Just something I have noticed lately.

BuzzBunny said...

And as one of the elder MGs (the oldest girl if you don't count our honorary boys), age ain't nothin' but a numbah!

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