Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dare to be judged by strangers...

So I hate being judged. That's why I never became a reporter. Afraid random strangers would be sitting at home and saying "What's up with her hair?" or "What is she wearing?" or "Boy, she looks tired today." (Hey, isn't that what we say when we watch tv???) That's why I remained behind-the-scenes. Better to not be seen, I say.

But a co-worker led me to this web site,, that lets you be judged by random strangers. This seems like the worst idea, but peer pressure (and curiosity) made me do it. So I uploaded what I think is a cute picture of me to this web site (that's me on the left with the co-worker who forced me to do this!). For a day, people from wherever judged me on things like weight, wealth, age, humor, etc.

The results are:

  • Sad news - Majority thinks I'm chunky.
  • Bright side - Majority thinks I'm 28 years old, attractive and funny!
So I'm looking at the bright side! I may be chunky, but at least I'm about 7 years younger than I really am! And as I approach 35, that's more important to me.

Now... where's my cookie???


J said...

CHUNKY!?!?! You are not chunky! It's just because for some reason Hollywood and Modeling (probably run by gay guys who like the boyish waifish look) stick people are the in? WTF? As long as you're happy with yourself...which I know you are...who cares about what people think of you (which I know you really don't).

It just irks me how people make stupid comments like the one where Britney looked fat in one of her most terrible performance. I don't like that girl anymore and it's sad but fat!?!? That she wasn't.

AlphaDog said...

Chunky? Are they looking at the same picture I'm looking at?

SwissMiss said...

There's only one explanation. Those people are blind and completely deranged. You're not chunky!

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