Monday, May 5, 2008

My Bimbo

Okay - so I proudly declare that I have never lived a bimbo lifestyle - never was interested in fashion, shopping for clothes, having boyfriends give me money everyday, working as a hairdresser, etc. NOT that there is anything wrong with any of those things. But, I have been enjoying taking care of my bimbo - Starica (named after me and my coworker Erica) at I feed her, send her to the gym and to the library (I'm making my bimbo smart!), flirt and get boyfriends that give her money daily, get different jobs, new hairdos, coloring, makeup, etc. depending on the various goals to get to a higher level in the game. There are games where you can win Bimbo Dollars, Bimbo Attitude and Bimbo IQ and you can challenge other bimbos in fashion and attitude duels!! I love my bimbo because when I feed her steak and fries and she weighs over her ideal weight (of 127 pounds) her happiness level goes to 104%! I like that she is happy when she gains weight and eats steak because that is how I am! Anyway, right now she is a healthy weight of 155 pounds because her goal this level is to be a plus-size model and she is 185% happy now!


BuzzBunny said...

I love Starica's shoes! I need to make my own Bimbo! I'll have to think of a clever name -- it's like naming your child!

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