Monday, May 12, 2008

The Flirting Monk

For Mother's Day, we took my mama to the Bhutan exhibit at the art academy. The religious artifacts were so beautiful and intricate. We also got to make our very own prayer flags, watch a prayer ceremony by Bhutanese monks and watch one create a mandala out of different colored sand!

A funny thing happened during the prayer ceremony though - I had my eyes closed during the ceremony because I felt uncomfortable to stare at the monks, and it also helped me get in "the zone." With my eyes closed, I didn't know that one of the young monks was staring at me, according to Chris. Chris said he was trying to stare him down, and the monk would notice Chris staring at him staring at me and would stop, but only for a while. Chris ended up leaving towards the end of the ceremony to go to the bathroom. When the ceremony finished, I opened my eyes to find the monk staring at me smiling, making me blush because it seemed strange. Could he have been checking me out? Or maybe he was impressed I kept my eyes closed and held the same position for an hour fighting back and leg cramps? Or, maybe my aura just happened to look pretty good to him! ;-)


BuzzBunny said...

It just goes to show that your hotness is felt by all types of men, no matter what kinds of vows they take! ;) Or maybe you had something on your face??? Nah, since you're an MG, I'm sure it's the first scenario.

AlphaDog said...

Funny comment buzzbunny! I never get approached at a bar, but put me in an altar room and watch out! Ha!

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