Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Brangelina of Doggies

Call us crazy! We'll just call ourselves "full of love to give"! We found another puppy to join The Dods Family! His name is Bremer - after one of our favorite vineyards in Napa, Bremers Family Winery.

Two weeks ago we saw half Australian Terrier/half Cairn Terrier puppies at a pet store. We saw Bremer - we wanted him but ended up deciding against it, and were sad. Then last night, Chris went to get dog food and called, "He's still here! And he is now 50% off!" He called again to say he decided against getting him, and that he needed to pick up a new rice cooker his mom bought since his brother broke ours. He came in with the rice cooker box and called me over to check out the "cool handle on the new rice cooker." I looked inside the box, and there was Bremer! That was a great surprise!

He is now with me at the office for the day. He's been a good boy - sleeping mostly and going shi shi on his shi shi pad, and helping me on the computer!


BuzzBunny said...

OMG too cute! I hope he's reading our blog on that computer and not some kind of puppy porn!


YankeeGal said...

He's adorable. Congrats! My hubby will be very jealous indeed.

IndoBia said...

Congrats on the newest addition... what a sweet surprise!

SwissMiss said...

oh he is just too cute!!

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