Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Going Green With TheBus

We all talk about how important it is to be sustainable, and why we need to recycle, etc. Some tout Hawaii's new rail as the great new public transportation venue (and yes, some despise it). But why do I get the "oh poor thing" look from people when I tell them I'm carpooling and taking TheBus home? Does our society view cars as a way of glorifying personal independence?

As far as I'm concerned TheBus is a great solution. I drive into work on Monday, leave my car at the office, and either carpool or take TheBus home in the evenings. My car is here at the office for any meetings, emergency needs, or if I'm working late. On Friday, I bring my car back home. It's convenient, and it makes me feel good to know I'm taking a few baby steps to "go green."


  • Reduce "carbon footprint"
  • Save money on gas
  • Riding TheBus gives me time to work on my laptop while riding so I don't have to work when I get home
  • Support public transportation
  • Catch up on reading the Hawaii Mean Girls Blog (plug!)
  • Car available at the office whenever I need to use it
  • More time with my husband - driving in together in the morning
In the past few weeks I've been riding TheBus, I have never had a crazy, smelly person sit next to me. I didn't have to wait a long time for TheBus to arrive. Instead, I had a nice conversation with a woman about the weather, and yesterday I played with a cute baby boy who was riding TheBus with his mom. I didn't get much work done yesterday.

Public transportation and carpooling have some great benefits and TheBus is a good alternative to driving home everyday. I highly recommend visiting the website at to find out information on routes, times, etc.


BuzzBunny said...

You go, Swiss Miss! I would totally do it if I didn't have a 4-year old to get to school. I will live green vicariously through your shining example!

Rich said...
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Rich said...

I recently have returned to TheBus, and it really does make sense. One just has to be willing to give up a little independence, but in return you get 2 extra hours a day (on my commute). Way to go SwissMiss!

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