Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Fun, Good Food, Good Company ... Not So Good Drawings

Good Fun and Good Company - This weekend Chris and I went camping with our friends Asa and Christi at Ho`omaluhia Botanical Garden in Kaneohe. We have never been and were so happy that we had finally found this paradise. We are definitely going to go back soon (with the girls planning next time - the boys didn't communicate that well, and we had two of everything)! Our camp looked out over an incredible view of the mountains and a lake full of ducks! It was quiet and peaceful - something all of us needed - a very relaxing getaway!

Good Food - We didn't really rough it though, except for the showers that made you sound like you were having an orgasm because you had to exclaim, "Oh God," as your body went into shock with the painfully cold water. We had our air mattresses, my mechanical toothbrush, and delicious food to last for a week! We had yummy breakfasts, lunches and dinners that consisted of ahi and my special sauce and Shabu Shabu with Christi's special sauce! We even had smores, which were so good that again I sounded like I was having an orgasm!

Not So Good Drawings - Christi and Asa brought along a Napolean Dynamite drawing game where you have to draw two and sometimes three animals (sometimes with your left hand, and sometimes having the animals throwing a football!), but together, and your partner has to name all of them within a certain time period. It was hard for me and Chris to do, especially with Asa having been to art school and all!

A Mean Girls Quiz - Take a look at these two drawings. If you can guess the three animals (by me) correctly, on the left, I'll buy you a drink. If you can guess the two animals (by Chris) correctly, on the right, I'll buy you two drinks! Good Luck!


SwissMiss said...

bear, fish, bird... And seahorse, otter????

AlphaDog said...

Pretty close swissmiss - you got the bear, and I'll give you the bird (it kinda needs to be more specific as to the type of bird). Seahorse is right on the other one. Thanks for playing! I know they are bad drawings.

BuzzBunny said...

Ok, for your drawing, I guess bear, fish and chick. For Chris', I guess seahorse and lion.

AlphaDog said...

Buzz Bunny - You win two free drinks for guessing Chris's right! When would you like to collect!?

Queen Bitch said...

Okay, my guess...bear, whale & duck.

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