Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scolding My Mom

I've started to scold my own mom. When did that happen?

She had to have a CAT scan the other day because she was having "serious digestive tract issues" (You really don't wanna know). Apparently she has also been skipping out on her colonoscopy appointments (again you don't wanna know). Now it has become an emergency and she had to do a CAT scan because the appointments for a colonoscopy were backed up for three weeks.

Now, I could be the supportive sweet daughter because she's kinda scared and obsessing about the CAT scan, which is really no big deal - I've had one and it's really quick and painless. But no... What do I do instead? I scold her. Yes - I scold my own mother for not going to get her colonoscopy sooner. I tell her to stop obsessing over the CAT scan because it's not a bad test. Also, that's what she gets for PROCRASTINATING on the colonoscopy.

So the test results came back, and they ruled out cancer and all the other serious diseases, but they're doing more tests and my mom is now complaining about those. I don't get it. I guess I'll just keep scolding her for not being proactive, and she'll keep complaining about having emergency tests. It's an inevitable cycle of BS. The moral for my mother? Get a colonoscopy before your daughter becomes a big pain in the butt.


BuzzBunny said...

The funny thing is I wonder how many people will find our site when they google "colonoscopy." =)

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