Friday, July 18, 2008

Mean Girls Rock!!!!

Mean Girls Rocked Da House at the PRSA Hawaii Chapter Koa Anvil Awards Dinner last night, taking home a total of 8 awards! :-) I don't want to write a lot about the dinner because I know a couple other MG's are working on something so I don't want to steal you thunder...however....

I want to thank all the MG's for an awesome night!!! I have the best friends in the entire world!!! I feel so happy, thankful and am so overwhelmed by the love and support you all gave me last night. Its so great to have this incredibly close group of girl friends that I know will be there through thick and thin. I couldn't believe you guys...I felt like I was graduating :-) Words honestly can't express how thankful I am for all of you. Okay, I'm stopping now before I cry at work. But I love you all!!! Thank you for just being fantastic and for being my rock. I LOVE YOU ALL!!
BTW, look mom I'm blogging again! ;-)


YankeeGal said...

Congrats again. Your speech was great and I really did laugh at your jokes. Didn't need to pretend like you asked me to. ;)

golfnutn8 said...

Queen B...congrats again and well deserved. One of the better acceptance speeches I heard in a long time.

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